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Celebrating You! Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

Forever Unlimited

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Celebrating You!

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Beautiful Beings!

Today we want to riff a little bit about you, celebrate you. We love you. We love you and we have so much enthusiasm for what you’re doing. It feels like a good time in our co-creation to reflect back to you what we’re noticing.

We know you to be the most adventurous souls. Do you see yourself like that? We do. Because we see you exploring life in this amazingly complex and rich environment with a perpetual return to some sort of inner optimism and sense of meaning. You are learning to feel within you to tune to the soul that you are and you’re realizing more and more that your alignment with all that you are is the vehicle for your ascending consciousness. We love to see this and we love to…

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NEW DNA, NEW CONSCIOUSNESS, NEW INTELLIGENCE (by Adama of Telos); 12 Strand DNA Activation

Church of the Cosmos : Temple of Light

Channeled by Princess Sharula Dux of Telos

“For those who embrace the change and the newness, they are coming into a new way of being. The third strand of DNA developing in your body makes you a christ. A living, holy trinity. In realizing yourself as the living trinity you will move beyond duality. The new amino acids will make it easier for your brain to fire off the new codes. Putting this in layman’s terms you will be growing new intelligence. The new amino acids will activate parts of your consciousness unused for a very very long time. Now you are aware that your scientists report to you that you use six percent of your physical brain capacity. Geniuses use about eight to ten percent. These changes within you will create programs that will allow you to activate more of who you really are. Stop and think what mankind…

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The Shift in Consciousness escalated by the return of the 7th Sun and reconnection to the Central Suns’ energies

Judith Kusel


In the next few months there will be an escalated shift in consciousness, the likes of which human beings have never experienced before, and it has to do with the return of the Suns, as mentioned in one of my previous articles, https://judithkusel.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/the-7th-central-sun-of-the-7th-galaxy-returns/ but also in lieu of what is happening in the inner earth.

In the last years I was called upon to work intensively with certain earth energy grids of what has lain dormant for many millions of years, and is now being reactivated and rising to the fore.  As I was made more and more aware, of what it is that is being reactivated and released, the more I became conscious of how this will be shifting humanity into much higher gears of life and living.

Massive earth upheavals and earth changes are upon us – not to be feared, but rather to be welcomed, as this…

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